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YouTube mad scientist Colin Furze builds fanjet scooter for 5-year-old son


YouTube fabricator Colin Furze, known for his mildly deranged mechanical creations such as his BMW hot tub or his weaponized rickshaw, has again built something rather impressive. Egged on by his 5-year-old, equally excitable son, Furze took a simple kick scooter and made it better. "What's better than a scooter? Jet scooter!"

It's not gas turbine powered, rather using a remote controlled electric fan to buzz around. The fan is powerful enough to move the scooter and the kid, believe it or not. For a homebrew build, the end result even looks very neat.

For those who consider the kids' version a bit meek, Furze says he's building a faster, adult-sized version – complete with gas turbine power from junkyard turbocharger origins. Given the chance to ride that one, we'd strap on our helmets very securely, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to wear one riding the electric version, either.

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