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Dear Customers, Recently We Found A Website Maliciously Selling Our Patented Products At A Low Price.
Dear customers, recently we found a website maliciously selling our patented products at a low price. We are here to alert our customers that the products sold on this website, ES-BOARD and ES6+, are not our patented items. We also did not authorize this website to sell our products, it just stole our pictures. This behavior deeply hurts our brand. At this point, we will continue to follow and uphold our legitimate rights. $259
Our company is established in 2010,
located in Shenzhen, China. As a well-known original manufacturer of two-wheel self-balancing electronic scooters, we have produced our self R&D smart scooters for 6 years. ESWING is our registered brand.
We strongly condemn this blatant attempt to produce counterfeit products and to sell them at low prices and with great publicity.We hope that the customers who support and love our products can resist this behavior together with us, resolutely refuse to buy imitation products, stop publicity and proliferation, seriously crack down on the interests of counterfeiters, and maintain good market order.We will pursue their legal responsibility for violations and counterfeiting!!!

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